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Pain in handling event check-in? A stellar check-in system set the tone for the rest of your event! With Ticket2U Check-In Solutions, we ensure smooth check-in that impresses your attendees!

QR Code Check-In System / QR Code Registration System

Ticket2U Check-In Solutions - Smooth process that impresses your attendees!

We love finding out about new products that are designed to make the life of event planners easier. One area of event planning that is traditionally a headache is event check-in. Well, not any more!

Forget manual check-in! Forget on-site search for names! Forget about hiring 10-30 crews on check-in counters! Forget pre-printing and collection of hundreds of name badges before an event. Forget setting up metres of trestle tables to display name badges. Forget all those annoying things related to event check-in and let us introduce you to Ticket2U Check-In Solutions! We can handle from small and medium events, to very large scale of event sizes!

Ticket2U Facial Recognition System

AI Technology, Built In-House, Affordable

Forget QR E-Ticket! Let's check-in your guest with Facial Recognition!

Ticket2U Facial Recognition Check-In

Theme Parks
Ticket2U Facial Recognition Check-In

What's in Ticket2U Check-In Solutions?

No one can be faster than machine. Lets the machine work for your event check-in process!

1. E-Ticket / E-Invitation with QR Code
        (Upon purchased, registration, or import)
2. Facial Recognition check-in
3. Email / SMS / WhatsApp reminders
4. Ticket2U Organiser App for small events (FOC)
        From 20 - 500 guest (Android & iOS)
5. Ticket2U Check-In Counter
        Full set of scanner, laptop and system
6. Ticket2U Check-In & Print Counter (Badges, tickets, wristband, and stickers)
        Full set of scanner, printer, laptop and system to print on-the-spot
7. Ticket2U Exhibition Kiosk read more
        All-in-one kiosk ready for any kind of exhibitions and conferences usage
8. Ticket2U Lucky Draw System
        Integrated lucky draw for all checked-in guest
9. Ticket2U Claim System for goodies or products
        Integrated with claim log ans status
10. Ticket2U Treasure Hunt System
        Integrated treasure hunt system for guest to interact
11. Ticket2U Facial Recognition Check-In
        Yes! Surprise and amaze your guest with technology!
12. Ticket2U Lead Manager
        Best for exhibitors to scan printed badges

Don't let your guest frustrated with long queue. Let us prove you what's call queueless!

How does Ticket2U make onsite event check-in easier?

1. Ticket2U Check-In Solutions replaces the need of crew training – No need to headache in crew hiring. All the crew just need to smile and say thank you without search anything.
2. Ticket2U Check-In Solutions saves time and money by no more searching names with paper or excelsheets, and only printing out name badges for those that attend your event.
3. Ticket2U Check-In Solutions can allow guests to easily find their pre-registered details via QR code, contact or name. Plus, it can speak and read the guest name, company as well your event name!
4. Ticket2U Check-In Solutions makes post-event data collection easy.
5. Ticket2U Check-In Solutions integrated with Lucky Draw System for Checked-In Guest immediately.
6. Ticket2U Check-In Solutions integrated with Treasure Hunt System.
7. Ticket2U Check-In Solutions provide offline solutions to event organiser which no need to worry of internet connections. Our system will run parallelly online + offline to auto-syncronised data safely.

Can Ticket2U Check-In Print? Yes!
What type of badges does it print?

You can choose different types of guest name badges: Ticket, Lanyard, Sticker or Wristband style.

1. Concert Ticket Pre-designed Ticket2U Thermal Concert Ticket. We can print your concert details, sections, rows, and seat on the spot, or delivery, or collection.

2. Lanyard sized name badges can be custom designed to include the guests name on one side and any further information on the other side, eg a conference schedule, exhibition map or other details.

3. Sticker style is just that – a name badge guests can print out and stick straight on their label. Best for Gala Dinner, Seating Chart, and Theater events.

4. Wristband Waterproof or art paper wristband. Best for theme park and gated entry event.

5. PVC Card – cost higher, but stylist, elegant, just like any of your access card or credit card size, durable and can be customized for content, images, or even faces.

All badges can be designed to include your company branding.

Ticket2U Concert Ticket
Ticket2U Lanyard Sized Name Badges
Ticket2U Sticker Style Label

How many Ticket2U Counters will you need at your event?

After understanding your event specification, Ticket2U Event Coordinator will recommend you to have at least two, four or more counters according to your event size, guest, venue, and budget.

What type of events is Ticket2U Check-In Solutions suitable for?

Concerts, exhibitions, conferences, gala dinners, seminars, charity, festivals and networking events.

What does it provided? (Equipments)

Depending on your request and budget, Ticket2U Check-In Solutions would normally comes with E-Invitations (Email, SMS, WhatsApp), various Systems and Dashboard, Apps, iPad, Laptop, Monitor, Thermal Printer, Ticket2U Scanner, Networking, Online and Offline Server, Technical Crew and badges. Ticket2U team will manage the set-up, installation and pack down for you. Leave the worry to us. All we need from you is guest list, tables and chair, power supply.

How do you pre-register your guests?

You can pre-register your event, or pre-sale your ticket online at Ticket2U. You can also import your offline delegate into your event list. Ticket2U Check-In Solutions Kiosk will be work seamlessly with the online data either on online or offline mode. This will allow you to collate and manage pre-event registration before the event.

How do you collect the post-event data?

With Ticket2U, you can easily download all your participants list with a click anytime anywhere. To check the number of checked-in guest or claim data straight from Ticket2U Organiser App, or Ticket2U portal by logging in to your dashboard.

How do you book Ticket2U Check-In Solutions for your event?

Get in touch with Ticket2U Team at our Support Page.

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