Using Ticket2U Dynamic Form features

Product News & Tips| 25 Jun 2020

Using Ticket2U Dynamic Form features

In this article, we will explain how to master Ticket2U dynamic form feature to the next level with even more settings such as validation regex, add-on purchases, capacity control and more.

Important of dynamic form registration

Event registration are not as simple as e-commerce purchasing steps and form filling. Every event are uniquely design for different purposes, different criteria and group to register. This mean, every event organiser required a very dynamic customisation registration form design and validation to ensure they collected the right data and easy fill up process by the participant. In Ticket2U, we have created our unique dynamic form that ensure it fits any kind of events regardless in sports, business or entertainment registration needs.

Sample participant registration form - dynamic form.

Basic Ticketing VS Advanced Ticketing

In this article, we will explain the different between basic ticketing (Free Event) and advanced ticketing (Paid Event) on each of it's form registration setup. And of course, advanced ticketing are way more powerful than basic ticketing, as well as way more training and experience needed to create a good one. We had design an idiot-proved, simple and fast possible form setup for basic ticketing.

What's in Basic Ticketing Dynamic Form?

In basic ticketing, the setup are pretty easy to understand. You can choose to add any type of control you needed, set it for any type of input, enable for required fill, edit ticket type capacity and it comes with instant preview at the bottom panel.

What's in Advanced Ticketing Dynamic Form?

For advanced ticketing, you can configure your dynamic form setup at Edit Event > Price Settings > Pricing. You can customised each ticket variant form to accept different registration data, or applied to all form as you wish. This may applied if every ticket variant you selling required very different data to be captured and fill in.

Form Setup 1.1 - Input & Controls

Template > Yes! For regular event organiser who constantly need to live an event, it's very troublesome to setup complicated dynamic form every time. With this feature, you can just save your form template and choose from your templates design and setup done in seconds.

Ordering > You can re-arrange your input with the Move Up and Move Down button at every input control.

Input Type > We have all basic input such as text, multi-line, numeric, date, time, drop-down, checkbox, radio, country and states. Other than these, we had special input such a Image Uploader and Addon input that suitable for more in depth requirement.

Form Setup 1.2 - Validation

Validation > As you may notice, Ticket2U dynamic form comes with advanced custom regexp validation setting. This can be apply to the input that you may need a very accurate input from the participant such as NRIC, Passport Number, Student/Company ID with specific format, and many more. To learn more on how to generate the custom Regular Expression, you may Google it here.

Validation Type > To make your life easier, our team had actually included prefix validation for you to choose, unless you need a custom validation that not included in the list, you may choose Custom Regexp and insert your own.

Unique > This setting are use to control multiple ticket that might added into a cart at once, and making sure each of it are unique value.

Use All Options > Each of the select/radio option must be selected at least once. (i.e. group package of 4, must have at least one male and one female in team)

Same Across All > This field should be same across all tickets. (i.e team name)

Malaysia NRIC > Enforce 12 Digit NRIC format

Exists > This feature are specifically used to detect the input are Exists or Not Exists on previous event. Use case, loyalty membership registration. Certain event ticket are specifically design only for the previous attendees NRIC, ID or contact number. This feature allow event organiser to have better control over their registrant data.

Age > Age can be very important for competitive event such as marathon or any kind of competition. Different event may use different method to calculate the age of the participant such as by year, or by the exact date of birth on the event day whether they are fall into the right category. This feature can help the event organiser to filter all participant age are exactly to fulfil their needs before hand to avoid all manual checking.

Conditional Field > This setting are more in depth to auto-fill in certain variables to your desire input according to their NRIC, DOB or Age.

API Validation > If you would like to validate certain input that exists or called from other server thru API, this feature are what you are looking for. All you need is the API Url and return data to Ticket2U, and we will automatically check during participant registration.

Form Setup 1.3 - Advanced

You may control which field to be hide on E-Ticket if needed. Also, certain field can be set invisible to public, which only available for organiser during data entry and more settings as explain in the screenshot above.

Section > This is a very important design to customised your form registration from sections to sections. Above screenshot shows how sections will display on user view.

Popup Content > This will be the best area for T&C and some important reading for participant to read about the input in popup modal while filling the form.

Form Setup 1.4 - Addon

Purchase in purchase are always welcome for any event such as special merchandise items. To make this happen, you can choose your Input Type > Addon, and insert your selling products or merchandise. The selected items will add up to the participant cart during their check-out.

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