Coldplay smooth check-In 20,000+ standing zone fans with Ticket2U Check-In Management

Ticket2u| 24 Nov 2023

20,000+ Coldplay fans at standing zone was smoothly checked-in by Ticket2U Check-In Management despite raining and massive crowd coming in after 7pm. Coldplay concerts was held at National Stadium Bukit Jalil on 22 November 2023, with total of 75,000+ attendance.

Post pandemic, most concert check-in held at National Stadium Bukit Jalil was handle by Ticket2U

Ticket2U Stadium Check-In Management has been utilised for Coldplay concert on 22 November 2023 to ensure fast, stable, offline enabled and fraud ticket detection during the check-in process.

No Fake Ticket, No Scalpers, No Viagogo

During the check-in processes, we have detected many fake ticket, unauthorized reseller with duplicated ticket which sold to multiple buyers, ticket scammers, Viagogo ticket which famous with fake ticket reseller and many more happened. Again, we wanted to highlight to all concert goers and public, never purchase from unauthorized agent, we can be sure that for high demanding concert, the ticket you buy from reseller could be 99% fake. What can you do if got scammed? Report police and catch these scammers. Nothing we can help.

Ticket2U, not only ticketing, but also pioneering in event technology

Ticket2U is not only the largest ticketing provider in Malaysia, it also proven it's check-in technology for more than 2,000+ events and theme park since inceptions who ensure fast, queue-less, and secured ticket verification and various of gate entry system deployed. Other than QR and RFID, Ticket2U also famous and pioneer with it's Facial Recognition Check-In which been deploy to certain event and theme parks for everyday usages.

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