Stock Inventory Control for your T-Shirt, Merchandise, Add-On Purchase

Product News & Tips| 23 Jul 2020

Instead of just selling tickets, many event ticket comes with additional selection such as t-shirts with different sizes, merchandise with different goods, or any add-on purchase-in-purchase requirement. With TIcket2U Stock Inventory Control, all these items can be control by quantity and capacity to avoid oversell.

Prevent Overstock!

The best scenario to explain this are sports event, such as t-shirt sizes selection for marathon event. If you are an event organiser and you have only 1,000 piece of M size and 500 piece of S size, all these can be pre-set to avoid oversell to participants from different category regardless 5KM, 10KM, 21KM or 42KM category. Whenever the sizes are fully taken, new participant will know that t-shirt size are unavailable and will go for other choices available.

Simple Settings with Ticket2U Stock Management

Screenshot above shows each stock inventory capacity, used (occupied) and availability. Event organiser can always change the capacity if they think it's demanded and re-order with their supplier.

Screenshot above shows simple settings to re-stock capacity, enable / disable for each items.

Dynamic and Comprehensive Statistics for Re-Stock Decisions

Screenshot above shows statistics auto generated from your event Dashboard. With 24/7 and finger-tips access to understand your participants demands, re-stock decision can be made easily to avoid disappointment or under supply. Importantly, there will be no oversell issue will ever happen!

How do you prevent oversells and the resulting negative sentiment?

The surest way to do so is sell your event with Ticket2U now!

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